Fisho’s in Your Local Area are Searching Online for Your Business “NOW’ and the Big Question is… Did They Find You? Or Your Local Competitor?

Site Wide Advertising Solutions

Do you want quality targeted traffic? Fishing Australia has a ton of it and we want to share it with you, our pages are carefully crafted to catch the perfect visitor. Look at these stats for our Snapper Rods Page.

Page: Best Snapper Rod
Target Keywords: Snapper Rod
Google Rank: Position #1
Last 30 Days: 728 Clicks
Sales: $6849.62AUD
This page is available for Advertising.

Download page statsAverage over September to Nov 2017

Advertising Options
Full Page – Content placement – Custom posts – Content Upgrades – links

Promote your business with a platform designed to attract local Fishos. Help online customers discover your business.

List Your Business on the Australian Fishing Directory

The Importance of a business listing on an industry related Directory can not be understated. Google uses these listings to help rank your business on a local level. It’s called a citation.

Basically, a citation is your business name, address and phone number or NAP. You should be creating these on all reputable online directories.

You can download my personal list here.

The Australian Fishing Directory is dedicated to recreational fishing businesses and services. We have 3 different listing options.

1 free and 2 premium listing options. You can view full details of each in the Listing and bonuses in the Directory Listings Pricing Table.

Download The Directory Listings Pricing Table Here.

Or get started with a Free Listing here. The Australian Fishing Directory.

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Our marketing system is custom designed for each recreational fishing business or service, so your website is working, your social media is sorted and you’re advertising with an advantage.

Inbound Marketing Solutions for Recreational Fishing Businesses

inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

It’s a combination of Search Optimisation, Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising.

The focus is to bring new leads to your website, building an email list that you can market too, or take calls directly on your phone.

Each Inbound campaign is unique we do not use one size fits all marketing templates. You will need to commit to a 3-month program, and your business will need to qualify.

At the end of the 3 month period, you will have all the necessary training to continue marketing yourself or you can go month by month.

You can apply here:
Inbound Marketing Application

We also have a free Inbound marketing training that is super easy so you can follow along and all resources are included.

Click Here For Free Training – Setting up for success online.

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Highly Scalable | Highly Leverageable | 100% Duplicatable

Managed Facebook Advertising Solutions

Facebook advertising is Hot or it is Not. Get it right and your catching leads, growing your fan base and getting a high level of engagement. Get it wrong and your burning cash.

We setup custom audiences and look a like audience install the Facebook pixel to track your site visitor and track key events on key landing pages.

We take the guess work out and get your ads running smooth and returning a profit or the desired result. we use both long term and short term campaigns. Once the campaigns are completed they are highly duplicatable.

This a month by month service no contracts. Your business will also need to qualify for this service.

You can apply here.

We do not provide training at the account level. We do have a training series that you can learn what and how we create and maintain Facebook Ads. Learn More Here.

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