Setting up for Success Online

Overview and what to expect.

Welcome to Setting up for Success Online, This is a FREE No Holds Barred overview of the exact system I use for managed clients. I start at the start and work through to a duplicatable system that either you our your staff can do in just minutes a day. I keep it simple in plain english and all resources are included or linked too.

Who is this for?
Any business spending less than $2000 per month on Inbound Marketing. (SEO, Social Media, PPC)
If your just getting started and have a limited budget
If your a DIYer and want to learn.

Module One

  1. Day 1: Your website and connected accounts
  2. Day 2: Configuration and tracking – Google My Business
  3. Day 3: Configuration and tracking – Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  4. Day 4: Configuration and tracking – Google Adwords
  5. Day 5: Configuration and tracking – Facebook Pixel
  6. Day 6: Review of Module One and overview of Module Two

If you have questions please post them to the private Facebook group.  FishingBiz

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